Monday, June 17, 2013

NEW CREATION by Michael James Fry

New Creation

Michael James Fry
 I - Origin
Imagination, conjunction junction –
Strange lights are lighting my way.
New Creation, what’s your function?
Frustrations re-write the play of the day.
Circles wind around the bend, at best –
and then I found myself at the end again.
and then I found myself at the end again.
and then I found myself at the end again.
New Creation, have you a name
or are you the same as all the rest?
Tell me your sorrows
Tell me your shame
Tell me your reasons why
No more time to die for tomorrow’s task
No more crime in the wrongful name of the Game
No, nothing’s sublime
when the mask remains the same.
No one said it would be easy,
no, not a “breeze” at all:
A bird works flight to hide in the tops of the trees
but later glides down to the ground with ease
for all to see – simple, lovely . . .
Yet conflict ebbs while harmony flows,
(whether people understand this or not);
and balance comes fairly as our physics show,
(whether people comprehend this or not).
II - Questions
But was the Game Table built upon sturdy legs?
Does anyone know when the beginning begun
or when the last train to "Clocksville" left?
With all of the stars, the moons and our sun,
why on earth do I feel so bereft?
Long ago, God created the whole thing,
 (didn’t He?)
He related a song for me to sing, righteously –
It would be wrong
not to take His wing, religiously;
and heal the hurt in our world, compassionately.
Easier said than done.
Two sides to every story.
Look for the smoking gun.
What’s the story, morning glory?
III - Observation
It went north.
It went south.
It went east.
It went west.
It tracked me down and gave me Its best.
What I thought was fun had only begun
    to take me down another dark highway,
      (the same as all the rest).
 Travel the same road too many times
   and that road changes,
      and you change right along with it.
 Increase your crimes too many times
   and what you darken within you dies,
      and the rest of you dies right along with it.
 The gateway to heaven is ever-present
   just as it is with hell.
Stare me in the face all over the place –
   because which is which can be hard to tell,
   because which is which is the hardest sell,
   I wonder which is heaven and which is hell?
IV - Message
From silence to twilight: Awareness rises!
Eternity arrives with many surprises!
Hear the music and humble the crowds,
then look above near the light in the clouds.

For behold, I saw an angel emerge
who had battled many demons;
and she majestically came forth and told me:
“To know yourself is to set free
the beauty God made in you.”
V – Celebration
The Chorus then came forward delivering love
once again in the manner of that rare and blessed silence which comes only from above:
~ The Peace in the Presence of the Lord ~
This is the Key to the Kingdom!
The Arrival of the New Creation!
This is the Christical medicine for every healing,
and the spiritual resolution for every dealing!
And now listen with all of the stars,
   the moons and our sun;
      for here on earth is passage to heaven,
      here is rebirth via Holy Haven!
Michael James Fry
New York City
Monday, June 17, 2013
*This poem was inspired by a quote
       from Kathryn Matson:
 “To know yourself is to set free
   the beauty God made in you.”

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